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Sweeping Services

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Whether you burm wood or smokless coal it's important to ensure that your chimney / flue is swept every season (3 months of regular usage). Windsor and Eton Stoves offer professional power sweeping services to ensure safe operation and a longer operating life.

Wood Burning - Wood burning will generate soot deposits. 20% moisture content within fire wood is optimal. The higher water content within wood then the lower the heat output and greater the soot deposits. Soot deposits constrict flues and can also lead to a rapid build up of deadly carbon monoxide gasses. Soot is highly flamable; A standard 904 stainless steel liner is designed to reach temperatures of 450 degrees Centigrade, a chimney / flue fire will typically burn at 700 degrees centigrade it will not operationally survive a flue fire. 

Smokless fuel - Smokless fuel generates sulphur deposits. These appear as a white powder coating the inside of your stove and liner. When firing us your stove condensation causes these deposits to form sulphuric acid, which eats into the metal liner. the constant cycle of sulphur deposits and condensation concentrate theis acid and accelerate degradation of your liner. its not uncommon for a liner to fail after only a couple of years usage if not swept.

Windsor and Eton Stoves offer professional power sweeping services to ensure safe operation and a longer operating life. Every three months we offer regular scheduled sweeping days. For friendly, professional service call  Windsor & Eton Stoves today on 0800 678 5041 or email support@windsorandetonstoves.co.uk
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