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Windsor and Eton Stoves Limited are proud to have joined Checkatrade. Every month nearly half a million people use to find tradespeople they can trust. Every single member has agreed to uphold The Checkatrade Standard; to be honest, fair, courteous and respectful.
Chris Croft Managing Director, Windsor and Eton Stoves Limited says "Finding reputable trades can be difficult. Can you really trust them? Checkatrade is a free service that gives you the background information you need to make a confident decision. Wondsor and Eton Stoves standards of workmanship, attention to detail and courtesy are second to none so it made perfect sense to join a scheme that helps our customers to find a fair and reputable supplier". Windsor and Eton Stoves Limited Checkatrade Profile can be found here

Ask the Expert, Sunday Times March 2014                                       

Q: "I have a woodburner with a large and imposing black cast-iron surround and mantelpiece, both of which I would like to paint. What kind of paint should I use?" - Sheila Stafford, by email.
A: For open fire surrounds, a radiator paint is usually fine. Farrow and Ball Estate Eggshell, Full Gloss and Dead Flat metal paints offer a low sheen that’s ideal for metal. Radiator paints can typically withstand temperatures of up to 150C and will resist yellowing and rust.
With woodburning stoves and larger open fires, temperatures can become very high — the typical stove will regularly have a surface temperature in excess of 200C, with much of this heat radiated outwards towards the surround. Wherever possible, use a specialist high-temperature stove paint. These are designed specifically for steel and cast-iron products and can withstand up to 650C heat. Stove Bright high-temperature paint comes in three blacks and more than 30 colours ( The paint will give off fumes and smoke the first time you use your stove, so open doors and windows".
  Chris Croft is a director of Windsor and Eton Stoves Ltd;


Ask the Expert, Sunday Times 26 Oct 2013                                   

Q: "Hi, We are in the process of extending our home by adding an open plan kitchen, lounge and dining area.
I would like to have a wood or multifuel stove but have been told that these shouldn't be fitted in the same room as an extractor (which we need in the kitchen) unless there is an air vent fitted. I don't like the idea of an air vent as I think this would cause drafts, so wondered if there were any stoves available that didn't require an air vent..Thank for your help".
Clare Clark, by email.

A: "A stove needs air in order to burn safely and efficiently so any lack of adequate ventilation is going to inhibit combustion and can become extremely dangerous.An extractor fan located in the same room as your stove will compete for available air so is best avoided where possible.
Detailed ventilation requirements for stoves are stipulated within Building Regulations Document J and based upon building permeability rates and the Kw output of the stove. A registered HETAS Installer will be able to advise on your specific ventilation needs. If ventilation is required then this can be achieved either through addition of a passive external air vent or a direct air supply to the stove.
Don’t disregard a passive vent as using an internal baffle will minimise external noise ingress and draught through the vent. When a stove is lit it will pull air from the vent towards the stove, therefore when possible locate a passive vent close to the stove and avoid locating across a room.
There are a growing number of appliances that offer a direct outside air connection. A stove with a direct air supply ensures that the integrity of your home’s insulation is maintained so is a better all-round option and a great solution in this case. There are two direct air types, fully room sealed and partially room sealed, with the partial taking some air from the room and so potentially requiring additional ventilation.
Free standing models such as Morso 7443 or Westfire 33 as are a good choice and are fully room sealed".
Chris Croft is a director of Windsor and Eton Stoves Limited.

Sunday Times 8 Oct 2013 / Daily Mail 8 Oct 2013.                          

Chris Croft, of Windsor and Eton Stoves Limited says "Forget the Aga, today's hot stove is a woodburner:" as Number of homes installing burners increases to 175,000 a year  ( )